Review: Lunette Menstrual Cup (Part 1)

It’s been about one year since I heard about the menstrual cup. I wasn’t keen to try because frankly, why would anyone want to stove a piece of silicon up their hooha?

There are benefits of course. Better for the environment and a shelf life of ten years. And depending on your flow, the cup can be used for up to 12 hours at a time.

But it still took me a year to “give it a try” mostly because the cup is $60. And $60 is a bit of money for something that I wasn’t 100% sold on.

A couple of months ago, I decided to buy the cup. I spent the money!

The hardest part was trying to decide what size I was. Was I a size one? Was I a size two? Even after reading the reviews, and doing my research on the sizes, I was still unsure about my size. I’m under thirty (but almost thirty), never had children and also have a heavy flow. So what size? What size??

I bought the the size 1 as it was recommended to me.

Sorry to say, I let the shop assistant choose my size!

Did my dollars evaporate into thin air.

Was it worth it?

My review of the lunette cup below.

Product Details:
Brand = Lunette
Cost = $60
Size = 1

*For starters, my period lasts for six to seven days (yay). It’s very heavy to heavy for the first two days. Medium for two. Light for two or three days.*

Some pictures!

The First day:
Flow = Light to Very HEAVY

Definitely try putting this in in the shower.

It’s more difficult than you think and also easier at the same time.

It’s a bit of a contradiction – so, how do I explain that contradiction?

My body did tense up, because frankly why the freak was I trying to put this thing inside me?
“It” hurt.
“It” wouldn’t relax.
The cup wouldn’t go in.
If you can’t relax, this will definitely be harder than you think.
Once I relaxed (and it took some time), the process was quite easy. I didn’t feel any peeing sensation or even feel it inside of me.


I was quite impressed and went about my day as usually.

I didn’t realise this was actually just beginner luck. My mishaps on day two later.

Don’t scroll further if you don’t like the site of blood. But I thought it would be helpful to take a picture of what was captured after three-four hours.







That was just after 3 to 4 hours so I was glad I changed it before bed, I had a feeling the size 1 might be too small for my flow.

How does it feel sleeping in it?

It was kinda great. I used to wear pads. And it’s odd having “dry” underwear in the morning or at anytime really. I’m use to “the drop”. It was actually freeing.

Toilet business/answers below:
How is it to pee in?
Just normal.
Pee away! It’s kinda cool peeing and not having to wipe away blood.

How is it to poo in?
I definitely felt it.
I definitely felt it move.
Be careful it doesn’t shift. This happened to me one time, and I leaked.
Great news is you’ll probably feel it leak at the beginning and have time to change!

Yeah, it felt weird as.
Definitely felt it inside of me trying to let one rip (not in public of course!)

Second day:
Flow = HEAVY to Medium

When I took the cup out in the morning, it was almost full. It wouldn’t have lasted the 12 hours. But it did last 8-9 hours. If I didn’t cleaned the cup before bed, it would’ve definitely leaked.

So it’s important – are you a 1 or 2?

How heavy is your flow?

I’m probably a 2 for the first day and a 1 for the rest.

I’ll stick with the 1 for now.

Day two was actually the most difficult day. I struggled. First to take it out. Then to put it in.

It really got in there when I slept. Growing up in an Asian household there were certain things we never talked about. Sex. Vaginas. And periods. I had to get familiar with my body. It’s something I’ve never done. Strangely, it was also kinda liberating.

I can totally understand why it’s recommended that you trying inserting and removing the cup in the shower. It was tough. AND it kinda hurt taking it out. AND it took multiple times to put it in right.

Lucky it was a Saturday.

How did I know I inserted the cup incorrectly?

I felt like peeing every time I placed the cup inside me.
Sometimes, it felt sharp. It didn’t feel seamless like the first day.
I also leaked.

I think it was important this happened.

I knew then what it was like to put it in wrong. I knew how it felt.
This made the other days pretty easy, because I knew straight away if the position was wrong.

Three to Four days:
Flow = Medium

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

I’m still amazed how there was no “period smell.” Yup, no smell at all, which is great. And weird. (Good weird)

Although, I was getting sick of trying to remove the cup (it’s tricky a business and you need some serious finger strength), but I knew I would definitely use the cup again.

Oops spoilers.

Five to Seven days:
Flow = Light to very light

To be honest, I stopped using it after the fifth day.

It was a bit of hassle removing the cup for so little blood and the final days of my flow are so light.

So, I think I’ll try Thinx period underwear for these “light” days. (My review of Thinx underwear shortly).

Final word?
I would definitely use the cup again, particularly for the heavier days. Not so much for the light days.

3.5 stars out of 5 (minus 1.5 stars because it wasn’t so easy to take out the cup).

I purchased my menstrual cup at Biome stores.

Four months later – part two of the review…

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