Review: Lunette Menstrual Cup (Part 2)

So, four months later…am I still using the cup?

Short answer is yes.

Long answer is yes! And I won’t go back to using pads. It really is a game changer – but I do recommend giving this a few periods to get use to. The second time I used the cup, I almost gave up on it. The first month was probably a bit of a fluke, because even though I had some “issues” with inserting and removing the cup, it wasn’t as bad as the second month. Every time I moved (I’m always fidgeting), it seemed to move to a different angle and it leaked – this wasn’t so bad because I bought some Thinx underwear as a protective layer, just in case I were to leak, but I really hoped I didn’t need extra protection. I was hyperaware of the cup and being so concerned about “leakage” seemed opposite of what the cup was meant to do.

But as I mentioned in my previous post, you kinda need this. Because I wasn’t inserting the cup correctly. And there is no easy way or how to guide on how to insert the cup. Everyone has a DIFFERENT vagina and that’s okay, but it also means that you’ll be the only one who knows if the cup is inserted correctly and unfortunately that’s trial and error.

Most of the time though, you can “feel” if it is inserted correctly, because ironically you shouldn’t really feel the cup inside of you.

In the THIRD MONTH, I was a little hesitant to use it, particularly since it was a little bit of a disaster the second time around, but to be honest, it was smooth sailing. During the work days, I kinda forgot about my period, which is amazing. Yeah, I had cramps and couldn’t stop my chocolate/sweet tooth/eat-everything-in-sight cravings – but the blood? I kinda forgot about it. As someone who only ever used pads, it was strange not having to “wipe” blood away when going to the toilet, even shitting on my period seemed less gross due to the lack of blood – because lets face it, it’s pretty freakin’ disgusting shitting and bleeding at the same time.

Just because it’s “natural” it doesn’t mean I find periods all rosy – they aren’t – at least I don’t think so.

The menstrual cup actually does help with getting on with “it”, whatever, “it” is.

By the FOURTH MONTH I was raving about it, I’m still raving about it. I was telling my friends that they to should try it. I would leave it in for a whole day at work and not really worry about it. I would come home and empty the cup in the shower and that would be it. Depending on what “flow day” it is, I would empty it again before bed, as my heavy days are quite heavy.

That’s the one thing I would suggest, understand how “heavy” your flow it. For the first couple of days, I could have probably gone with the size two, for the rest of the period – the size one was fine with me.

Because I’m nosy and know that I would probably want to see an image of it too, here’s what it looks like after eight hours. In the size one, I probably couldn’t last the full 12 hours.

Note, I haven’t yet to try and remove the cup in a public toilet – I imagine this would be a pain.

Graphic image below:




It’s coming, I warned you!

So, that’s about what it looks like after eight hours, on a fairly heavy day.

Not that exciting.

Revised rating:

4.5 out of 5 stars

Why not 5 out of 5? It’s still a bit of a pain trying to get the cup out, but it gets easier.

I bought my menstrual cup at biome, for those who are wondering.

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