DIY!! Body Butter

Here’s the recipe!

>1/2 cup of coconut oil
>1/2 cup shea butter
>1/2 cup coco butter

Melt oil and butters in a double boiler

Refrigerate until semi solid.

Then use an electric whisk and beat. It should turn white and look like meringue *do not eat, even if it smells good enough to eat!*

Scoop into jar!

Having psoriasis my skin flares up a lot. When it’s hot, cold, windy, humid or when I eat dairy or when I’m stressed. Certain moisturisers would make the psoriasis worst and I couldn’t help myself, I would scratch until I bled, and if I could help myself during my waking hours, my sleeping hours weren’t so good. I would wake up with scratches all over my body. It probably looked like I was attacked by an animal. But no, I was only attacked by me!

My skin condition has improved significantly since reducing my dairy intake, but it still does flare up. I stopped using store bought moisturisers and started using coconut oil, which helped sooth and moisturise my skin. But it always looked like oil in the Brisbane heat. It was rarely ever solid and I kinda missed the “cream” look that moisturisers had.

I started making my own body butter not long ago and I can definitely see why it’s a game changer. It absorbs better than just coconut oil and helps with my skin.

This of course, doesn’t get rid of my psoriasis. I wished it did. I have to do a lot to maintain it. I eat better, I try and stress less (which is hard) and I try using only natural products on my skin. When it’s really bad, and sometimes, no matter what I do can help it, I’ll go to the GP and get a prescription cream. This is now rare but I understand natural remedies can only take me so far.

That being said here’s the recipe to the super simple body butter!

This makes about 2.5 to 3 jars (the jar pictured is 240ml). I tend to make a little more to give to my sister (she has the same skin condition that I do).

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