Review: Biome Skincare Range (Day 7)

So, 4 days turn into 7! Life gets a little busy but I got there!


I’m now day 7 into trialling the Biome’s new skincare range. The ultimate question is – how’s my skin so far?

Here are the results after one week (sorry again, not the clearest of photos, but the light is a little better than last time):

1. Tone has improved around here. My skin feels “fresher”

2. My forehead has really cleared up. I was surprised at how quickly. Definitely not as many dry and flaky spots anymore. Blemishes have flatten a lot as well.

3. I had a pimple brewing on my cheek for a while (over a week) and it finally popped up. The photo of the psoriasis on my neck looks a lot clearer and therefore worse, but it actually has improved quite significantly.

4. One big acne on the nose. I felt this one coming for a while. But the “clearness” around this area has improved. It feels brighter and smoother.

You can see from the photos there are two sizeable acne (or whatever the plural term for acne is!), on my face. This didn’t come from the product itself, as I felt it under my skin for a little bit – but I thought I would take photos of it anyway. I’m curious if it will help reduce the duration of these acne pop ups. But overall, so far so good. My skin definitely feels fresher, brighter and smoother (how many times have I used those 3 words already????)

Thoughts of the 3 products so far:

I’ve used the clay twice now, applying two different methods. One using only water and clay. The other using a combination of clay and oil. While the oil with the clay made my skin incredibly soft, I had a little bit of difficulty getting the mask off my face. It ended up staining my towel.

BUT, it made my face feel super awesome. If you try the combination of oil and clay, I would suggest using an old towel, and washing your face with warm water. It’s worth it, if you don’t mind a little bit of mess.

The water and clay yielded the cleanest results. I didn’t have any issues with residue, it was easy to wash off. My face still felt fresh and soft afterwards, but the oil and clay was superior in terms of “face feel”.

After application of the clay.

After 10 mins. Time to wash off!

The clay also smells lovely, so sitting around for 10 mins with it on my face wasn’t so bad!

The Pure Hydrosol Orange and Rosehip Oil have been my favourites so far. However, I’ll give a full review of these products at the end of the two weeks, mostly because I’m keen to see what it will do to my acne/blemishes! I’ll also do a daily spot treatment of the clay on the acne to see what happens.

Stay tuned.

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