Review: Natural Toothpaste Series – Pure & Green Organics

This week’s review for natural toothpaste is “Pure & Green Organics”

If you want one word for this toothpaste it’s “MINTY” – heck, I’ll be using this word so much that you’ll probably get really tired of me using that word! I’m not joking, maybe only a little bit, but mostly not, I seriously can’t think of another word other than MINTY!


Now, down to the tests!

Cleanliness test: I have to say it’s cleans really well, just as good as the Dr Bronner’s one or your standard supermarket toothpaste

Foam test: There’s only a very slight foam. You’ll get to see how it “foams” in the next test.

How it looks when it brushes test: I figure the only way to explain how it brushes/looks like when brushing is to actually record it. So here you go!

Excuse the giant-ass pimple on my cheek! I’m a couple of days away from “that time of month” – aka menstruation, aka period, aka the blood bath

Taste test: While brushing, the taste is great. It’s MINTY. Like really MINTY. The after taste, however, isn’t too pleasant, but it isn’t horrible. I definitely preferred the Dr Bronner’s one in terms of taste. It’s a little sweeter. However, the Pure & Green Organics is SUPER SUPER minty, which leaves my mouth feeling fresh (and my tongue a little tingly)

Image result for minty breath gif

Fresh breath test & morning breath test: Super minty (didn’t I tell you, I would use that word a lot??) and it actually leaves my mouth feeling fresh (and I don’t need to brush my tongue).

Overall: Ultimately, if you’re looking for a natural toothpaste and can’t use straight up baking soda, this is my pick so far. Just on minty-ness alone & it’s palm oil free!

I would give this a rating of 4 stars out of 5 (minus half a star for the plastic tube & another half a star for the slight bitter “after taste”). Please note, I can recycle the tube at Terracycle or at Biome stores.

If you’re keen the toothpaste is available here!

Image result for smile gif

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