Recipe! Homemade Tortillas

Homemade tortillas! You’ve definitely seen this recipe on my Instagram before, but I thought it was time I finally added this recipe on my blog. It’s just easier for everyone involved.
If you have time to make these I definitely recommend making these.
The recipe below makes four, but I’ve doubled and tripled the recipe on many occasions.


> 1 cup plain flour
> 1/4 tsp of fine sea salt
> 1/3 cup of water
> 1.5 tbsp of olive oil


> In a bowl mix ingredients together with your hands
> Knead until the dough becomes “smooth”. (Smooth…honestly, the dough does become smooth. You might need to add some more flour or water to make this happen. It takes about 5 mins)
> set aside for 10 mins (you’ll notice the dough will become softer)
> cut into 4 pieces
> flour surface and rolling pin and roll out dough as thin as possible (it rolls out to the size of a large plate)
> add a little bit of olive oil in a large pan
> place rolled dough onto pan. Make sure the pan is hot. If the pan is hot, bubbles will form quite quickly. Flip tortilla to the other side until lightly brown.
> done!
> eat!
> add more exclamation points!!
> brag to your friends how you made tortillas
> lose most of your friends because you can’t stop talking about tortillas

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