mini guide: how to store your veggies

*I’ll keep adding to this blog post when I learn more “hacks” – current version – 24th of August, 2020*

There are a million and one ways to store your veggies, this is just a little guide on how you can store your veggies to make them last longer. All of these examples below worked for me and I’ve been using these methods for a couple of years now. Also, make sure you keep your veggies in the fridge!

Celery & Carrots

Submerge these bad boys in water, and they will last for weeks in the fridge! Carrots tend to last about a month or more submerged in water. Celery is a little shorter at 2-3 weeks. Be sure to leave a some space in your jars as they will expand a little.

Green onion

Storage green onions in a jar of water, and leave it inside your fridge. You will legit have green onion growing next to no time.
Be sure to wash the roots and change the water occasionally, as it will give off a funky smell!

Spinach & Leafy Greens

Wrap you greens a in a damp cloth and store in an airtight container. This will keep your green crisp for WEEKS. Some key points below.
> wash your veggies and strain excess water but you DON’T need to pat them dry. In fact it works better if you don’t
> you don’t need to wash your veggies again, I occasionally change the tea towel. But mostly, I make sure the towel is still damp each week or two. If the towel is dry just lightly re-damp the tea towel
> it is important you use a clean tea towel! I haven’t had any issues with mould when I use a clean tea towel
> the tea towel will help prevent it from going slimy and the dampness of the tea towel will prevent is from wilting. The airtight container keeps it fresh
> key tip is a damp tea towel. You shouldn’t be able to squeeze out water from the tea towel. So, the tea towel shouldn’t be soaking wet, but just lightly damp!
> use a cotton tea towel
> tip is good for a lot of the leafy greens like spinach and rocket and random leafy goodness!

Coriander, Kale & Bok choy

This trick a little particular – especially with the coriander. You can actually keep your coriander fresh by submerging the roots (do not fill the jar all the way, you legit, only want to submerge the roots). Wrap a damp cloth around the leaves and store in the door of your fridge. This will keep the coriander fresh for WEEKS. This trick will also work for most leafy greens like kale and bok choy.


Oh, did I really just make an “other” category/heading?? Yes, I did. But other really does encapsulate the term “other”!

The damp cloth method (i.e. wrapping your veggies in a damp cloth) will help keep your veggies fresher than say chucking all of your veggies in the fridge, just as it is. You can technically use the damp cloth method for most veggies, even the ones that I mentioned above.

But for me, the veggies I mentioned above are best keep using the method I described. But for other fruit and vegetables, using a damp cotton cloth does a really good job of prolonging the life your produce. This isn’t the foundation of youth! Your veggies will still rot eventually

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