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Full disclosure:

Some posts may include affiliate links, which share a commission with the blog at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or companies I believe in. I also maintain this blog and Instagram in my free time between my 9-5 (ish) job…okay, okay sob sorry over!! But seriously, the sob story isn’t over.

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Your support in any way shape or form means a lot.

I’ve provided affiliate links (below) to some of my favourite/most useful products – please only consider these items if you require them.

If you don’t require any of these products, and would like to support me, any donation is really appreciated

Donation (didn’t I tell you sob story wasn’t over?)

Your donation will help keep this site running and keep me blogging. The money donated will go into any equipment or tools needed to help build my blog and also my Instagram page. It will also help pay for new recipe creations. You might even get my undying love! Maybe. Okay, you will. Mostly, because I’m a huge softy.

Alternatively, if you rather not donate to me, please consider donating to: GiveWell.Org

Here are a few of my favourite things:

> menstrual cup

> water bottle
> insulated stainless steel jar

> steel box
> bamboo cutlery (great for travelling)

> compostable dish brush head

> everlane – pants
> everlane – top

jumpsuit (australian made)

Thanks for all the support and the support you give to others