Recipe! Protein Bliss Balls (vegan)

It wasn’t long ago when I almost bought my first protein ball…until I realised it was $3 for a tiny ball! A macaroon is $3 and that’s a fairly complicated process. Macaroons are temperamental. The weather affects the rise. You have to be precise. You have to be patient. A protein bliss ball? Well, wasn’tContinue reading “Recipe! Protein Bliss Balls (vegan)”

Ramblings…waiting for hard work

On the eve of 2018, we wait for the new year. We’ve been waiting and waiting, haven’t we? I certainly did. I waited so long ago, because I failed so early and at so many things in January and February and every other month. So, in November and early December, I waited for that cleanContinue reading “Ramblings…waiting for hard work”

Review: Planetbox Bento Lunchbox

This binch likes to eat, so much so that my name seems to be prefixed with “always-eating” Cate. What could bring up my eating game? Bento boxes of course. So, I was curious to try out the latest fad of bento boxes, and stream-line my food containers – as carrying 5 containers to work almostContinue reading “Review: Planetbox Bento Lunchbox”

Review: Lunette Menstrual Cup (Part 1)

It’s been about one year since I heard about the menstrual cup. I wasn’t keen to try because frankly, why would anyone want to stove a piece of silicon up their hooha? There are benefits of course. Better for the environment and a shelf life of ten years. And depending on your flow, the cupContinue reading “Review: Lunette Menstrual Cup (Part 1)”