Novel: we are hungry men

back in 2018, i wrote a very pretentious novel for my masters’ degree. i guess I got a good grade (NERRRDDD!), but couldn’t get it published anywhere, because, well, it’s very pretentious and a little shitty. so, i figure why not try and sell this shitty novel to you. even though i’m pooping all over my novel. this novel actually means a lot to me. and a lot of effort, and your typical blood, sweat and tears went into the making of this novel. this novel also meant i could finish writing a book! for a long time i didn’t think i had it in me. i still want to be an author but i guess i need to start writing again. (i stopped writing for two years because frankly life got in the way). so, another one is in the works (kinda) and this time i’m not trying to impress my teachers. two literature degrees and this is what i ended up with.

enjoy or don’t! and thanks for buying this shit show!


Novel: we are hungry men


probably, almost definitely. yes, 100% shitty and probably a typo (many manfskjafdy typos) here or there.

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  1. simple(ish) living

    the worst book i have ever read, ever

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