Recipe! Soy milk

Soy milk! Soy has become pretty “controversial” over the last couple of years but being Asian it’s a bit of a pantry staple and I’ve been drinking soy and eating tofu for a lot of my life.

While cheap, making your own soy milk is pretty labour intensive. Definitely, not as simple as soak and blend.

– soybeans
– water
– maple syrup (optional)
– salt (optional)

Firstly, I soak 1 cup of dry soy beans overnight. They swell up quite a lot. Make sure your container is big enough.

I pour out the water and strain the beans. Trying to remove as much skin as possible. You don’t need to be precise, takes about 5 mins.

I throw the beans in a pot with some water and bring to a boil and let simmer for about 5-10mins.

Strain beans.

I add the beans and 5 cups of water into a blender and blend until combined.

Using a nut bag I strain twice. (If you’re making tofu – STRAIN ONLY ONCE).

Freeze the pulp for later. You can make savoury crab-less cakes with the pulp. It’s pretty delicious

It’s not over yet! The flavours change and become a little sweeter if you bring the soy milk to a simmer (about 15 mins), making sure you stir consistently. The taste should be less bitter by then. You can add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of maple syrup to really jazz it up (but don’t add any salt or maple syrup if you plan on making tofu).

TIP: I tend to make a bigger batch, so I can split between soy milk for “tofu” and soy milk for “drinking”

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