Review: Natural Toothpaste Series – Dr Bronner’s

The first instalment of my natural toothpaste reviews. I understand completely that not everyone can use straight baking soda on their teeth everyday. Heck, I can’t! I have a permanent retainer and can only use DIY toothpaste a few times a week (dentist orders). So, I wanted to test out a few “natural” toothpastes, because I figure there are a few people who probably want to switch to a natural toothpaste, but are not quite ready or can’t use DIY toothpaste.

I think this is important. We can’t all fit into a perfect label – each one of us are different. Each one of us are living in different circumstances, different bodies, different health boundaries. These toothpastes are not zero waste, but instead it’s a more natural alternative. I will also be comparing these natural toothpastes to one that I made at home – it might be interesting particularly for those who are wanting to make the switch.


Cleanliness test: I have to say it’s cleans really well. Better than your standard supermarket-bought ones

Foam test: it doesn’t foam. It can take a while to get use to, particularly if you’re not used to foamy toothpaste. But honestly, after a couple of days you’ll get use to the grit.

How it looks when it brushes test: I figure the only way to explain how it brushes/looks like when brushing is to actually record it. So here you go!

This is a very odd video indeed…but hey, sometimes it’s easier to explain via video.

Taste test: Taste wise, it’s pretty damn minty and it’s actually really close to “supermarket” bought toothpaste. Even my partner said he would use it, and he pretty much dislikes anything “natural”. I actually think this will be a really good bridging toothpaste – particularly if you want to transition to DIY/low waste toothpaste. It’s kinda got the feel of a homemade one, but tastes sooooooooo much better

Fresh breath test: My breath wasn’t actually that fresh after brushing. It cleaned my teeth so well, and my teeth and gums had a minty freshness to them, but breath wise it wasn’t the best. My tip would be to brush your tongue. This will infinitely help the status of your breath!

Morning breath test: When I didn’t brush my tongue, my morning breath was pretty horrible – at least for the first few days. Afterwards, it kinda felt like my mouth adapted and it was all good. Even on those times I forgot to brush my tongue

Image result for smelly breath gif

Image result for eww gif

Too much info I know!

Overall: Ultimately, if you’re looking for a natural alternative but not quite ready to brush your teeth with straight up baking soda, this is a really good “training wheels” toothpaste. I would honestly buy this tube again, but will need to see how the others are first!

Image result for training wheels gif

Rating: 4/5 stars (minus 1 star for not leaving my breath completely minty – but brushing your tongue will help remedy this)

If you’re keen the toothpaste is available here!

Next up for review:

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