• sneha says:

    I am at a stage where you were 5 years ago, I earn but I spend my money trying to buy things which I think i require or I would require in coming months.

    For every outstation visit, I would need a new dress, new accessories, every month I would require different stuff which would stay unused.

    Final result is my inflated credit card bill and zero savings.I have started adopting minimalist lifestyle, I have not brought any dress in last 3 months and ordered less stuff then I used to do.

    My journey is long but I got motivated after reading about you.Thanks for sharing

    • Hi sneha, thanks for reading and I’m glad it inspired you! It’s definitely a long journey but completely worth it. Plus getting rid of debt is so freeing. I used to have sleepless nights thinking about how I could pay my credit bill. Wish you best of luck 🙂

  • TNadine says:

    This has been a sobering read. Thank you so much for sharing…. for baring your soul so that an extroverted introvert like me can learn from someone who has been there and done it.
    I have minimalized everything but I’m still drowning in debts. Perhaps I need a personal one on one convo with you for a bit more know how. That I’d appreciate.

    • Hi TNadine! Thanks for reading 🙂 Feel free to shoot me an email via the contact menu. Getting rid of debt is simple but it’s definitely not easy. I was very frugal for about a year (I was only spending about 20-30% of my income) so I could pay off my debt. I’m a lot more lax now though! Good luck 🙂

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