Ramblings…project reboot (week one okay technically week two)

*Please note this post may contain triggers* If you follow my Instagram page and watch my stories you might know that I’m trying to create a fitspo blog!!!…okay, that’s not true, but you’ll know that I’m trying to develop healthier habits including eating more whole foods, exercising and creating routine and consistency. And! I alsoContinue reading “Ramblings…project reboot (week one okay technically week two)”

Change Beyond Textiles: MATTER prints

Hi there, It’s been some time since I sat down and wrote some words for you, but I’m doing it now. And what better way to start off a blog post but with a meme! If you’ve been following me long enough you know I ramble on about a lot of things: food, low waste,Continue reading “Change Beyond Textiles: MATTER prints”

Review: Ethical Underwear Series (Organic Basics – Soft Touch)

Edit! I’ve just received an email regarding some discounts!!! Yay!! Please use the promo code: CATOBC3 (for 10% off) for all customers based in the UK, US, DK, or EU 🙂  I’ve been wearing Organic Basics Soft Touch for the last couple of months. Organic Basics is a European brand, focusing on sustainability and organic cotton.Continue reading “Review: Ethical Underwear Series (Organic Basics – Soft Touch)”

Review: 5 Favourite Small & Sustainable Style Brands

*This post doesn’t contain any affiliate links. So, give the little guys I mentioned in this blog post some support if you can 🙂* Today I’m sitting down and trying to write this blog post about sustainable style brands. That line was over a week ago, okay two weeks ago and now I’m back onContinue reading “Review: 5 Favourite Small & Sustainable Style Brands”

Ramblings…getting out of debt, there’s no secret – soz

Over six years ago, I was in quite a bit of credit card debt. Let’s be honest, it was a lot more than I should have had considering I was living at home and had very little expenses. I had so many clothes and shoes and ate out almost every single day. Sometimes, I evenContinue reading “Ramblings…getting out of debt, there’s no secret – soz”

Review: Part 3 Menstrual Cup (and the alternatives – THINX)

$10(USD) or about $14(AUD) off period underwear via my leaders page: here Now to the blog post! September. 2017. I buy myself a menstrual cup after a year of procrastinating about it. It was my first step into a “zero” waste type of lifestyle. I had already started to dabble in bringing reusable cloth bagsContinue reading “Review: Part 3 Menstrual Cup (and the alternatives – THINX)”

Ramblings…my history with mental health

This is a trigger warning. Please note this blog post may contain triggers.  Last week I wrote in an Instagram post about my anxiety attacks. Turns out a lot of us are struggling. For me, my anxiety attacks aren’t really a symptom of anxiety – but rather an extension of my depression. I spent aContinue reading “Ramblings…my history with mental health”

Review: Everlane (mostly about shoes & me sitting on the fence about greenwashing)

If you had asked me what or who Everlane was before December last year (2018), I would have said who-what-say-what? How did I actually find out about Everlane? And are they as ethical or great as everyone says they are? And most importantly, what about the Good On You app, they’ve given Everlane a pretty bad wrap. Firstly,Continue reading “Review: Everlane (mostly about shoes & me sitting on the fence about greenwashing)”

The KonMari Method with Noissue (Compostable Mailers)

I’m in the process of raiding my closet and decluttering items I feel like I no longer need. Most items I’m trying to trade and sell, some items will be donated – so far no items will be trashed. (Fingers crossed, I’m not trashing anything!) I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time,Continue reading “The KonMari Method with Noissue (Compostable Mailers)”