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Ramblings…getting out of debt, there’s no secret – soz

Over six years ago, I was in quite a bit of credit card debt. Let’s be honest, it was a lot more than I should have had considering I was living at home and had very little expenses. I had so many clothes and shoes and ate out almost every single day. Sometimes, I even skipped meals so that I could afford a dress or some piece of clothing on my credit card – without going over the credit limit. Because you know…I was stupid but not that stupid!

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I had no real expenses back then and when I felt sad or even happy, I would go and shop for a new piece of clothing. It was something I used to do to cope with my feelings and honestly, I still kinda do that, but in a lot less expensive way. If I’m not feeling great, I’ll treat myself to a coffee (I drink almost all my coffee at home). But of course, this doesn’t mean, I still don’t spend frivolously. I do. Sometimes, I’ve made purchases on a whim and almost 90% of the time those purchases weren’t so great. The purchases I sat on and thought about were purchases I almost always like and still use today.

How much debt was I in?

It’s funny how when you’re in debt you want to tell no one. But once you’re out there’s this burden lifted and you want to tell everyone. When I was in quite a lot of debt, I lied and said it was just a couple of grand. The truth was I had well over 10K worth of debt. Just me. AND I was living at home.


So, when I say I was incredibly stupid with my money I really was stupid with my money. Plus, I was also really stingy with money when it came to other people. I didn’t want to spend my money on friends or family. I NEEDED that money for clothes.

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Gosh. I sound like an awesome human being. But the great thing is you grow up. You learn from your mistakes.

There’s no secret to paying off debt. It’s simply about living below your pay check. It’s so stupidly simple but it really is hard to start.

First of all, I’m talking about consumer credit card debt. I still have HECs debt. While I could pay off my HECs loan now, I also know my savings are better off in my Super and also in a high-yielding savings account. In Australia, you receive a loan from the Government to study at University. These loans do have an interest rate, however, they are in line with inflation – approximately 1.5%.  In theory, this isn’t an “interest rate” but an “adjustment”.

As much as I would like to wipe my slate clean of ALL debt – both consumer and education – I’m following my logic instead and keeping my money in places that currently yields higher rates than inflation.

Please note, this isn’t financial advice! Gosh, I’m probably the worse person to give financial advice. And yet, I’m writing a blog post about financial advice. So hypocritical! But seriously, if you’re having issues with debt, you do need to come up with a plan. Whether you get professional help, read a lot of Dave Ramsey or you design one for yourself.

For me, my first step was actually realising how much money I was spending. This came in the form of a “declutter”. When I was going through my kinda extreme minimalism phase, I realised how much junk I had. It was a crystallising moment. I went into debt for junk, clothes and shoes. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect. I still buy stuff on a whim).

To really evaluate how I was spending, I started to tracked ALL of my spending. Down to the cent. What did this do?

It gave me a real clear idea of where I was spending my money. There weren’t any assumptions anymore. It was a fact. I was spending it on so much shit.

Understanding where my money was going really helped me realise what I needed to cut back on. I bought too much shit and ate out way too much.

So…that’s what I did. I bought less things and I learnt how to cook. I started meal prepping and because I started meal prepping I was actually becoming healthier too.

It’s CRAZY what little steps can do to your life. But, these “little” steps are incredibly hard to take when you’re first starting out. It’s simple as I said, but hard to get right(ish).

Ultimately, I did four things to help me get rid of my consumer debt:

  1. Assessed what I had (which resulted in a declutter and me selling a lot of my belongings)
  2. Tracked all spending for 3 months (I did this for two years actually! But you know, you probably don’t need to do that for that long)
  3. Evaluated my spending and created a budget according to my spending habits (i.e. what were the three to four areas I spent the most money? How can I reduce them?
  4. Waiting 2-4 weeks before purchasing an item

I know, this isn’t an exact science or revolutionary. But getting rid of debt and saving does require discipline and understanding your habits. Of course, there are the outliers. Some are in debt and can’t get out due to their circumstances, such as health and social economical background. I’m not naive. I don’t believe these steps to getting rid of debt is for everyone, but hey, if you’re reading this, it might just be for you?

Review: Part 3 Menstrual Cup (and the alternatives – THINX)

$10(USD) or about $14(AUD) off period underwear via my leaders page: here

Now to the blog post!

September. 2017. I buy myself a menstrual cup after a year of procrastinating about it.

It was my first step into a “zero” waste type of lifestyle. I had already started to dabble in bringing reusable cloth bags to the supermarket (which was easy enough), but was I willing to go “all the way”? Was I willing to let that special something inside of me???

And I did! Like all first times, it wasn’t great and it hurt a little (okay kinda a lot). I detailed my experience with the cup in a two part series:
Part 1
Part 2

But it’s been well over a year now! Those of you who follow my Instagram know that I couldn’t go back to disposable pads. It has honestly changed my view of periods. Don’t get me wrong. It still sucks. And I still have 99 period problems, but I rarely ever have to worry about the blood.


And perhaps it’s just a state of mind, but while my hormones still go crazy during that time of month, my symptoms seem a little less severe.

Turns out the menstrual cup was the last push I needed to realise the waste I was producing wasn’t sustainable. I completely understand the cup isn’t for everyone. Your vagina and uterus is a unique little fingerprint!

Please, don’t ever feel guilty about your period. Reusable alternatives may not be a viable option for you. It would be awful to suggest the right way to have a period is to have a “sustainable” one. But if you can and are willing to open your legs (soz, for the pun) for a “sustainable” period I do have some options if a menstrual cup isn’t for you.

Yup! There are reusables alternatives that aren’t as scary as shoving a silicone cup up your hooha!

Period Underwear:

I’ve found period underwear to be really useful and if I hadn’t bothered with the cup, period underwear would have been my second choice.

It’s strange to say it would be a “second” choice. But truthfully, I use my period underwear a lot more frequently than the cup itself.

You would have heard me say this about a million times already (sorry), but I personally like to “double bag” meaning I wear my menstrual cup and period underwear on my heavy days. And I only wear period under on my light days.

Why do I do this?

For me “leakage” has ALWAYS been a problem, even with those huge floaty pads that seem to cover my whole lower body

Related image

I bought a pack of 3 from way back in 2017 – around the same time I bought the cup – thinking it would fail me. I understand Thinx underwear ain’t cheap, at the time of purchase they were $95 AUD* after shipping and conversion. It’s important to note that you also need to think about all the money you actually spend on tampons and pads over a year! (*The prices in 2019 are a little more pricey, so you will need to work out if they will fit into your budget)

At the time, I went with Thinx period underwear as they were a well-known brand – nay, they were pretty much the only brand that was accessible to us little Australians. I purchased two “hiphuggers” and one “sport”.

Images from 2017!


I actually really like the hiphuggers. They’re comfortable and I quite like the band on top. Most importantly, they fit well. I didn’t (and still don’t) like the sport, as it was (and is) constantly giving me weggies and I wouldn’t recommend this style. However, I know this is one of their most popular styles, so if you do decide to go with Thinx and the sport, I would suggest going a size smaller or simply just go with the hiphugger.

I’ve worn the underwear many many times, without my cup on the last remaining days of my period. Mostly, because I couldn’t be bothered taking out my cup, cleaning it and inserting it back in. I think the underwear is great for “lighter” periods and doesn’t produce much or any smell. I’ve also worn it on the day of my heaviest period (without the cup) – and to be honest, I’m not sure it’s for me on those super heavy days. That being said, I’m so used to “double bagging” on my super heavy days that I can’t even imagine “just” using the cup. I feel the most secure using both the cup and period underwear during the blood bath.

But the period underwear can be worn just by itself. The hiphuggers and boyshorts will hold up two tampons worth of blood! So, if you can’t use the menstrual cup these are a good alternative.

On a TMI note, I live in Australia (not the TMI bit) but during my seven day periods, I ALWAYS get a period rash – you know, like a diaper rash but with pads! I honestly, haven’t had a “pad” rash since switching over to menstrual cup and period underwear.

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There are cheaper alternatives to period underwear and the menstrual cup. I personally haven’t tried reusable pads, but I know that a lot of people love them.

You can get brand names like Hannahpad or cheaper reusable pads on Esty as well.


How to clean the menstrual cup and the alternatives:

When it comes to the menstrual cup, I personally just pour out the blood and give it a quick wash in the shower. I find it easier this way. However, I have changed the cup in a public toilet before and all I did was just pour the blood into the toilet and insert the cup back in. Sorry! There really is no way to explain this to make it sound all fancy and nice. Before and after each period, I will wash the cup with a natural soap. I did boil the cup the first time I used it but I haven’t “boiled” it since. (Hey, I’m still alive…but you know maybe, listen to the instructions. I don’t want that on my conscious!).

With period underwear, you have a couple of options. I’ve seen people literally just wash one or two pairs in the washing machine by itself. Personally, this isn’t for me. So, I tend to give the underwear a spot wash with soap and let it dry overnight. They dry pretty quickly which is a bonus. Unlike the menstrual cup, I don’t recommend just having “one”. For me, starting out, I had three pairs which worked out great. I do have a few more pairs now, which is kinda great because I can give it a quick spot wash let it to dry and give it a proper wash in the washing machine at the end of the week. (FYI – I haven’t had issues with staining, mostly, because the lining is black.)

In terms of the reusable pads, I know a lot of people have had issues with staining. I’ve seen a few people remedy this by soaking the reusable pad in vinegar and baking soda overnight before giving it a wash. Like the period underwear, I would recommend having more than just “one” reusable pad. Personally, for me, reusable pads sounds like a little more work, but they’re a really affordable options and I’ve seen people make their own!

I hope that helps! I know, I know. I’m ALWAYS talking about periods and the internet probably knows me as the period girl. But, ah, well, I don’t really care.

Image result for don't care gif

Mostly, because when I was younger I was so incredibly a shamed of my period. Now, I’m just making up for lost time.

What’s your go to? Have you tried any other alternatives?

I read back in the day, women used to use “hair” as pads, which I found interesting. Not for me, but no judgement!

You can get $10(USD) or about $14(AUD) off via my leaders page: here

Outfit: 22nd May 2019


Ø  Everlane pants – here

Ø  Everlane top – here

Ø  Everlane shoes – here

Please note these are affiliate links which I do share a small commission if you make a purchase. I will only ever share affiliate links to products I use and like. Each dollar helps keep this sporadic blogging going! And yeah, it helps me buy a veggie burger or two…gotta keep it real




Ramblings…my history with mental health

This is a trigger warning. Please note this blog post may contain triggers. 

Last week I wrote in an Instagram post about my anxiety attacks. Turns out a lot of us are struggling. For me, my anxiety attacks aren’t really a symptom of anxiety – but rather an extension of my depression.

I spent a lot of last year in a really dark place. And strangely, it was during a time when my Instagram started to gain a following. I mostly started the blog and Instagram to keep myself busy and to document random eco things because I knew I was entering a different phase in my life.

One thing I haven’t been completely honest about is, is my work. I didn’t work a lot last year and had a lot of time off to focus on getting over my depression. It was a major clinical episode and I was almost involuntarily hospitalised on a couple of occasions.

Apart of me is still incredibly a shamed. I grew up in a family that did not believe in mental health. Not to generalise on ethnicity groups, but mental health is  not commonly addressed in Asian cultures and my family, well, they fall under this stereotype.

So, I’m still incredibly reserved when it comes to what I’ve gone through and in my real life (not my online life), I don’t talk about it and only a handful of people know what I’ve gone through.

But, now? Well, now I’m posting this on the Internet and “exposing” myself. I ain’t streaking naked across a field during an event, but I still feel bare writing this. Gosh, I haven’t even shaved my legs yet, so you might see more than you want to.

Why I writing this?

I had a lot of people message me, regarding what they are going through and their struggles. And honestly, it was heartbreaking to see so many other people in pain. I can’t give any advice on how to deal with it. I think even highly paid professionals have a hard enough time doing that, let alone someone who has no professional medical experience like myself. All I can say is that you are not alone. Even when you can’t see the light or the people around you, and even when you’re heaving from the pain – you’re not alone. People do love you. People do care. People do not want to you to go away. You are not a burden. You are loved.

It’s hard to believe. And even now, you probably don’t believe me. But it really is the truth.

What has my mental health been like for me?

I’m still recovering, but I’m significantly better than I was last year. I hid my mental illness for quite some time before I realised I couldn’t hide it anymore and needed help. That’s one thing people often believe. If you’re depressed you will look like a depressed person. But sometimes, you just become so skilled at hiding and suppressing your emotions that you can often “forget” that there’s this dark passenger hanging around. Okay, you don’t forget, but you get really good at ignoring it. If anything, people thought I was doing awesome. I was rocking it at work. I was earning good money. I had just gone on my huge ass European holiday. But shit, I just felt like absolute shit.

Somedays, I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread. Other days, I would wake up crying and go to bed crying. And then there were the triggers. If someone said something slightly critical of me, I would hurt myself. I would claw at my skin or pull out my hair. I would not eat or make myself vomit. I did those things to stop me from “feeling” whatever I was feeling. I only ever cut myself a couple of times, mostly, because I felt that if I did and had gone into a routine of cutting myself that somehow this would make the Doctors right – I was in a deep depression. I refused to believe this for so long. I always thought “I’m not as bad as they think I am.” Or “people are going through a lot worst than me.” Or “I’m clearly overreacting and I need to harden up.” Or “Depression is a first world problem.”

But lets not ignore it. Pain is pain. No matter your financial status.

What did I feel?

I felt not good enough. I felt like a waste of space. I felt as if the things that brought me joy, well, they just seemed pointless. I stopped reading. I stopped writing fiction. Food was (and is) a huge source of enjoyment for me, but during those really dark times, I saw food as the enemy. I didn’t eat. And when I did I would go onto my knees and force myself to vomit. I wouldn’t go so far as to say, I had an eating disorder although from the outside it may seem like that. It was more of a way to hurt myself, to punish myself or sometimes, I would even use it as a way to stop feeling whatever I was feeling. Sometimes, it was even a way to feel something. Anything. It’s strange being stuck in what only seems as pain and numbness, and nothing in between.

Why am I writing all of this?

Stigma is erased by openly talking about it. Or in this case writing about it. I still feel a shamed of what I have and what I have gone through, and trust me, if you were ever to see me face to face, I WOULD NOT want to talk about it this in such an open manner. But there is something therapeutic about writing about it. And in time, maybe, it is something I can openly talk about, face to face. Maybe, one day, I won’t be so a shamed of my illness. And truth is, the more open I am about it, the less I feel embarrassed by the pain.

I just want to say you’re not alone. We’re not alone in this. Your sparks aren’t starved of air.

Review: Everlane (mostly about shoes & me sitting on the fence about greenwashing)

If you had asked me what or who Everlane was before December last year (2018), I would have said who-what-say-what?

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How did I actually find out about Everlane? And are they as ethical or great as everyone says they are? And most importantly, what about the Good On You app, they’ve given Everlane a pretty bad wrap.

Firstly, I’ll start about the Good on You rating.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 7.06.45 pm

Damn a “Not Good Enough” rating. This rating is lower than actual fast fashion brands such as Zara and H&M.

H&M and Zara are rated a “3” out of 5 across the board for Planet, People and Animals, while Everlane is rated a “2”.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 7.04.51 pm.png

I do wonder how accurate the “3” is under People – given H&M’s notorious history and the Dhaka disaster. That being said, these companies have made some strides in trying to improve worker conditions and have introduced a recycling system for clothes. This of course, doesn’t out weight the bad, BUT (in my opinion) it’s a start and it’s better than nothing.

I know, I know – isn’t this greenwashing at its best? Or worse? Or however, you spin it?

Firstly – what is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing (a compound word modelled on “whitewash”), also called “green sheen”, is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organisation’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly

Not going to lie, it does kinda sound like H&M and Zara fall under this category given that they don’t actually want you to buy less, and their model still falls under fast fashion. They still make 52 fashion drops a year – rather than your old school model of 4. Yet, is Everlane better than this? Better than your typical fast fashion brands? After all, they rated even lower in on the Good On You app. Does this mean they are even worse than Zara and H&M?

I’m a bit believer of imperfection. We need the majority to be imperfect in this journey, rather than a fraction who are perfect. And honestly, perfection DOES NOT exist. And I do not expect a person, let alone a company to be perfect.

Yeah, yeah. Get off the fence you’re thinking!

Image result for fence sitting meme

It’s important to support small, local and sustainable businesses. These businesses matter, but I also realise corporations and large companies are important in the grand scheme of things. Yes, their “half-hearted” attempt may be labelled as greenwashing – but at least it’s something? It could be better of course, and hopefully with time and awareness, sustainable fashion (and not fast fashion) becomes the norm. Let’s not forget it has to start off somewhere. No matter how imperfect.

Anyway…I’ve gotten wayyyyy off topic (typical me) and you’ve probably forgotten that this blog post is about Everlane and not about H&M and ZARA.

Let me get back to my previous question, which I didn’t answer. Is Everlane better than your average joe fast fashion brands?

How can I answer this? I honestly can’t give you a good and facts driven answer, let alone a conclusive one. My answer is purely based on personal experience and what I’ve seen the company do. And “working” as an affiliate for the company I do get a little more info about what the company is doing, but in no way do I know everything about the company itself.

Why do I like Everlane?

I like what the company is trying to do. Making “carbon-neutral” sneakers and jackets and jumpers out of recycled water bottles. They’ve removed a lot of their plastic packaging (although not all of it) and their items are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes or satchels, even the tape is paper-based.

Yet, like most businesses, it is still a profit driven company. So, naturally, these steps can be seen as “greenwashing”.

Do I think what Everlane is doing is considered greenwashing?

I believe it’s about the company’s intent. Are they jumping on the bandwagon or do they simply want to make a change? This is something I honestly can’t comment on. Intent would require me going into the mind of the CEO or people who have influence in the company. Unfortunately, I’m not Dr Xavier (sorry). But, what I can say is that they are trying. The steps they’ve made into becoming a more “sustainable” clothing business is above and beyond what other larger companies are doing.

But what do I think of their items?

Unlike H&M, the pricing is significantly higher. You won’t find a $5 dress here. But you also won’t find “fashion” items either. I’ve found the quality of the items to be really good and also fairly affordable considering the quality. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of Everlane’s underwear. I found the crop bras good, but the underwear itself was really poorly made. Other than that, I love all of my pieces from Everlane.

How did I learn about Everlane?

I had seen a few ethical fashion blogs promoting the brand and decided to check it out. Needless to say, now I’m kinda in love with their timeless pieces. If you’ve been following me long enough, you know I’m a huge HUGE fan of their flats, in particular their “glove” shoe.

Ever since purchasing a pair (I now have two!) I’ve found myself wearing the glove to work or when going out. It’s kinda a big deal, because for ages I was wearing sneakers to work, which isn’t a bad thing but sometimes, it’s nice to be a little bit fancy while still being super comfortable. And yes, they are SUPER comfortable. I honestly didn’t even need to wear them in. That being said, they have soften even more over the months, making it even more comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, they are not more comfy than sneakers. But for flats or fancy(ish) looking shoes they’re honestly great.

In terms of sizing, I purchased a size 8.5 in the glove. I did go half a size up from my usual size 8. Yup, when I say I’m a tiny Asian with big feet, I’m actually an tiny Asian with big feet! So, you’re probably wondering what my actual foot measurements are and how they go with the glove?

My left foot is:
Length: 26.5cm (standing – end of big toe to heel)
Width: 9.5cm (widest part of the foot)

My right foot is:
Length: 27cm (standing – end of big toe to heel)
Width: 9.5cm (widest part of the foot)

I’m approximately 5’2 tall.

I absolutely love the glove shoe. Am I tempted to get a third pair? Yeah. Fork minimalism, right??

Related image

Now my investment in their “fancier” slightly heeled flats.

I love this blush colour. They aren’t as comfortable as the glove. And they did take a couple of wears to soften. But I actually didn’t get any blisters while wearing them in which is a bonus. (I got a size 8.5 but could have gotten a 8, I will need to purchase some heel thicker thingys – maybe it’s called a heel grip???). Plus, you know you’re winning at the shoe game, when your boss comments on your shoes and pretty much stops the meeting to ask me where I got them from!

Image result for nervous smile meme

You’ve probably gotten the idea by now that I’m a huge fan of Everlane’s shoe collection.

Am I biased because I’m an affiliate?

Of course. 100%. Kidding! Sure, there’s slight biased but I wouldn’t have accepted being an affiliate and wouldn’t continue on supporting the brand if I didn’t honestly love what Everlane is doing. AND – I only share affiliate links for products I use and like from Everlane.

And that’s all folks. This blog post was everywhere. But I guess that’s kinda my state of mind at the moment. I wanted to answer some of the most commonly asked questions. I’m not 100% sure if I answered them. But if you want to know more, let me know if the comments below!

*Oh, full disclosure – this blog post does contain affiliate links to the Everlane shoes. And I do receive a small commission when you use my affiliate links. Please note that each dollar helps keep my blog running. And helps me sporadically blog! But I would like to blog more and reinvest the money into making this blog better!*

Affiliate link: Everlane’s shoe collection

The KonMari Method with Noissue (Compostable Mailers)

I’m in the process of raiding my closet and decluttering items I feel like I no longer need. Most items I’m trying to trade and sell, some items will be donated – so far no items will be trashed. (Fingers crossed, I’m not trashing anything!)

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time, but I sat it on mostly because the whole Marie Kondo craze was sweeping the Western world, and op shops, thrift stores and charity shops were inundated with stuff. And because they were no longer accepting donations, people’s items were unfortunately “trashed” instead.

And I get it, sometimes, it’s just easier to throw things away then make actual effort to trade or sell your stuff. In the past, I’ve this exact same thing because frankly I was lazy.

So, when Noissue came to me, asking to collaborate, I kinda jumped at the idea. Their mailers are at home compostable! It takes about 6 months to break down and it’s recommended you cut them up into pieces first. What’s great is you can compost this mailer at home and it doesn’t require some large industrial or commercial machine.

But why am I making a big deal about compostable mailers? And how does this relate to the KonMari Method? Is it because they’re paying me? Well, they are paying me, but please know, I only agree to collaborate with companies and products I truly believe in. The reason I’m making a big deal about these compostable mailers, is that they are actually HOME COMPOSTABLE!!!

Image result for OMG meme

A lot of compostable mailers I’ve encountered in the past have required the mailers to be commercially composted. Plus, Noissue is just straight across the Tasman, our sis and bro and blood relations – New Zealand. I know, it’s New Zealand, technically a different country – but to me they’re kinda local. After all, Russell Crowe is a kiwi and yet we’ve stolen him and claimed him as our own (for now…) So, I’m going to do the same thing with Noissue.

Let me give you a little background about the company. For orders placed by first time customer they will plant a tree for them in an area of their choosing! I think this is pretty neat myself, and if you think the whole planting tree thing for a sale is greenwashing, take a look at this:

This image is from a couple who planted 2 million trees over twenty years. A small but constant change can make a big difference in the end.

Before Noissue was created, the founders were actually working at their first startup (that they also founded) making custom eyewear from recycled waste horn coming out of China. From that they realised they needed packaging and couldn’t find a solution that fit what they needed—so like the entrepreneurs they are, they decided to start the company that could solve their problems.

There is a trend towards “eco” marketing – so what makes this different from greenwashing? Here’s what they had to say:

I think our focus on education and transparency is what differentiates us from companies that might be considered to be greenwashing. We’re constantly working on improving our products, educating ourselves about what the next steps in packaging could be, and learning as much as we can. But more importantly, our goal is to educate consumers and businesses alike on what we’re producing, how it can be used, and how it is or isn’t a viable alternative for their other packaging products. We just published our first Sustainability in Packaging study and plan to release one again next year and the year after looking into how the packaging ecosystem can improve. We also encourage our customers or anyone else to ask us any questions they have about our products, what they’re made of and how they can be disposed of — at the end of the day, transparency is probably the best answer to how we look to avoid greenwashing.

banner image

How is this related to the KonMari Method? It only took until the end to explain the title, but ultimately, if you’re going to KonMari your life, don’t trash it! Trade it. Sell it. And you can use compostable mailers if a cardboard box or paper won’t do.

While, the majority of customers from Noissue are small and local businesses (hey! if you’re an independent business looking to trade from plastic mailers check Noissue out!), you can also order them for yourself. The minimum you can order for compostable mailers is 100, meaning you can order a whole bunch and spilt them among your friends. You can KonMari your life and consciously sell your items without worrying about the plastic packaging.

*This blog post was sponsored.

Review: Ethical Underwear Series (Wonderpants)

I received this lovely set from Wonderpants before Christmas and been wearing them ever since. Yup, that’s right. I’ve worn them non-stop for the last 4 months. You know, inside out, sideways and all that jazz.

In all seriousness, Wonderpants is a small local Australian company specialising in organic and ethical underwear.

They’re a super tiny business making quality and soft underwear. So, if you’re looking to invest in some local ethical underwear these guys are for you.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.17.21 pm

After four months the quality has held up. It hasn’t fallen apart!

The first try test: The first thing I noticed was that they were super soft and very comfortable. Sorry, there isn’t much else to say. They really are soft. I guess so soft, sometimes it feels as if you don’t have the “support” of firmer/tighter underwear. Does that make sense? Perfect for a lazy day

The tight jeans test: Wearing tight jeans are fine. I did see the “line” underneath my jeans, but being a boyleg type of underwear, it’s bound to happen. Unless you go commando or wear a g-string!

The dress test: you can see a big line in the dress. But look, it isn’t a fancy pants type of underwear, it’s simply really comfortable, soft and made really well.

The sitting down all day test: I think these undies for build for a lazy day! You don’t need to sleep naked, just wear these

The itchy breasts test: no itchy boobies here!

The bra support test: the bralette itself, while super comfortable doesn’t have much support, even for a small chested person like me. So, perhaps not great for working out if you have a larger chest. But great for a lazy day

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The one month test: As I said, there will be no follow up review for this one! I’ve been wearing these for the last few months, and the quality has held up.

Review: 4 out 5 stars (minus 1 star as the bralette doesn’t have much support – although it’s super comfortable)

Next up is Hopeless Lingerie another Australia made brand!

Ramblings…stuff & Review: Ethical Underwear Series (Organic Basics)

Oh……….hello. How long has it been? A few months? Yup. Definitely. I’m so behind in this whole blogging business. I should let you know that blogging isn’t my job, I have a 9-5 job which pays the bills. This? This is kinda a passion project and it’s something, I did not expect to “take off”.  Because of the growth the last couple of months, I’ve become kinda hesitant with a lot of my blogging. I haven’t really been posting “new” content on Instagram and you’ve probably noticed I don’t blog as much as I used to. At first I was blogging here once to twice a week. Now, well, it’s been a while.

At first, I used the excuse of “I don’t have time” but I honestly do have a few hours to write a post and a review in my week, but I’ve felt kinda…sick? about posting? It’s hard to explain. I’ve felt this pressure to be an “influencer” and I hate that word. And I squirm at the thought of being an influencer. I’m someone who isn’t overly confident or even really a people person and lately, I’ve had a hard time trying to navigate my way around social media.

Because of the growth of my Instagram page, I’ve started wonder if I should take the opportunity to make money out of this. After all, it is time consuming and apart of me feels as if I should be compensated for the “work” that I do.  Do I do the hustle? Or whatever people expect millennials to do?

Of course, I would sell myself out 100% and I plan on promoting products I don’t like for money……..yes! That was a joke!

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As always, I would only promote products that I like and would highly recommend. So far, I’ve only had one paid promotion (/ad) which was for Thinx period underwear. I didn’t have a problem with this mostly, because I was already using the product for over a year when they approached me. So, it felt like a win win!

That being said, haven’t really been accepting any gifted products or paid promotions as of late but I do have a “back” stock of ethical underwear which I still need to to review.

So, now for the review part of the blog!

I’m reviving the ethical underwear series!!! Well, kind of! I’m just super behind in my reviews!

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I’ve been wearing Organic Basics for the last couple of months. Organic Basics is a European brand, focusing on sustainability and organic cotton. (For full disclosure, please note, that I am an recent affiliate of Organic Basics, and I’m low key kinda excited, mostly because I actually really love the product after trying them out).

I’ve worn a few different brands now and I would say the ethos of “Nisa Ethical Underwear” has been my favourite so far. They support and employ women who were refugees. I’m a little biased – my parents’ were refugees, so, I have a HUGE soft spot for Nisa. BUT, in terms of quality and comfort Organic Basics has been my favourite so far.

Edit! I’ve just received an email regarding some discounts!!! Yay!! Please use the promo code: CATOBC (for free shipping for US, 100DKK (approximately 21AUD) off for all customers using Danish site, and 15EUR off for all customers using EU site 🙂 

The stitching is on point.


The first wash test: If you read my first instalment of the series, you know that I always wash my underwear before I wear it. Mostly, because you know. Germs. (Even if there aren’t any, I can’t get this out of my head!)

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I wash all my underwear in a cloth laundry bag in the washing machine. I may have time to cook a few things from scratch, but I don’t really have time to wash my undergarments by hand!

After the first wash they turned out good. The steams didn’t come apart and the colour didn’t fade. The black remained black!

The first try test: The first thing I noticed was that they were super comfortable. And also that the quality was amazing. My favourite so far. I don’t really need to do a “month later test” only because I’ve been wearing these for the last couple of months and the quality is still amazing. The fabric is thick, but not too thick, so I know it won’t wear out in the bum or crotch area any time soon. If you’re, looking for high quality underwear, then I definitely recommend this.

The jeans test: Wearing tight jeans are fine. I couldn’t really see the “line” underneath my jeans, which is a bonus. Plus the underwear didn’t feel uncomfortable or bunched up. I went a size up to a M, although, I probably could have gone a size S.

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The dress test: you can see a big line in the dress. It grabs at the butt cheeks more, which to be honest makes it great for a “workout” underwear and it kinda supports you, and won’t ride up your bum. I didn’t try out their g-strings, mostly, because I’ve realised I’m not a fan of permanent wedgies at all! But if it’s your thing, then perhaps, if you’re looking for quality this might be for you

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The strap/support test: Again, I can’t really give a test on “support” because I don’t have a big chest. But the bralette had a really good “fit” and for me, there felt like a lot of support. It’s my favourite bralette so far. I want 1 million of them for working out.

The sitting down all day test: Not much to say here. It’s pretty darn comfortable!

The itchy breasts test: Yeah, this is still a weird test! But what better way to test if a “bra” is comfortable? I wore the bralette/bra on a hike. It was hot and I was sweating. I tell ya, I’m not a sweater, but walking up a mountain and pulling myself up a rock wall was pretty tough. The great thing is, I didn’t feel this bralette/bra at all. AT. ALL. Again, this is huge for me! If I’ve been working up a sweat for hours, like hiking, a bra or sports bra normally always makes my boobs super itchy. But this didn’t! 😀 And it was very strange not scratching my boobs while hiking!

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The one month test: As I said, there will be no follow up review for this one! I’ve been wearing these for the last couple of months, and the quality is amazing.

Review: 4.5 out 5 stars (I feel like I could replace all my underwear with this one. The only thing I would change would be going size S instead of size M for the underwear, as I thought it ran small to size, but for me it didn’t)

You can purchase Organic Basics underwear HERE

Edit! I’ve just received an email regarding some discounts!!! Yay!! Please use the promo code: CATOBC (for free shipping for US, 100DKK (approximately 21AUD) off for all customers using Danish site, and 15EUR off for all customers using EU site 🙂 

Next up I’ll be reviewing Mighty Good Undies (an Australian brand!)

Review: Ethical Underwear Series (Mighty Good Undies)

Wow, is this becoming a weekly thing again? Don’t you worry, I’ll probably fall off the bandwagon and in no time be super slack with my blogging!

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That being said, I know, I still have to do follow up reviews for the ones I reviewed last year. And honestly, I feel it’s better than the one month follow up – as it has been FOUR months now! This wasn’t done intentionally, but it will mean you’ll definitely get to see how the underwear holds up. After all, you may be paying a premium for the ethics, but quality is also a huge factor when it comes to “investing” some money in fancy pants underwear.

This week, I’ll be reviewing Mighty Good Undies!

Might Good Undies is an Australian brand – while, it isn’t made locally, they do focus on ethical and sustainable underwear.

But let’s get down to business. How did these undies hold up after four months?

First of all, each individual pair of undies comes in a lovely cloth bag. I’ve been reusing them for produce and also bulk food stores, so they’ve certainly come in handy.

In terms of quality, Might Good is right up there. You can see in the photos above that the stitching is holding up really nice after 4 months.

One thing to consider is the sizing. It is super small. So, I would suggest going a size up or even two sizes up. I got a size Australian 10 (and I’m normally a size 6-8) in undies, but they were still a little tight on me.

Now down to the tests!

The first try test: The first thing I noticed was that they were tight, as mentioned above they do run a little (or very) small. However, the quality is really good (and months later, the quality is still really good).

The jeans test: Wearing tight jeans are fine. I did see the “line” underneath my jeans, mostly because they were a little tight. Bright side the underwear didn’t feel uncomfortable or bunched up.

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The dress test: you can see a big line in the dress. It grabs at the butt cheeks more, which to be honest makes it great for a “workout” underwear and it kinda supports you, and won’t ride up your bum. I did try out the g-string for this, and honestly, this one is really hard to review, mostly because the g-string was a little too small for me, so they were super uncomfortable. The hip hugger and granny pants would be my choice in underwear

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The strap/support test: No test here! As I didn’t get to try out the bra/sports bras

The sitting down all day test: The hip hugger was pretty comfortable to sit down all day in, but again, the g-string wasn’t comfortable as I went a size too small. The granny pants were comfortable as first, however, they were running on the smaller side for me so after a day of eating I really felt the band dig into my stomach. Again, it’s important to note that the sizing does run small, so it’s difficult to review properly in terms of comfort. The hip hugger did fit great though!

The itchy breasts test: n/a

The one month test: As I said, there will be no follow up review for this one! I’ve been wearing these for the last few months, and the quality has held up.

Review: 3.5 out 5 stars (If you’re looking to support an Australian brand, this may be the underwear for you. The quality is really great. I took some points away as sizing does run small, very small. So, if you’re keen on purchasing these, go a size up or two. I also took some points away, as the printed on label at the back – became itchy at my back when the label started to crack. Not pictured, but I tried to scratch off the label, which helped a lot. It seems like all negatives! But it truly isn’t, the review is a little skewed due to sizing. But the quality is really good, worth your money if you’re looking for quality and ethics)


You can purchase Might Good Undies HERE.