Ramblings…the Zero Waste label

To be completely zero waste, you need to die. But that isn’t an option, isn’t it? The concept itself often angers people because nothing is ever zero waste, to live is to consume and to consume is to waste. That waste may or may not live on this earth forever. That forever, well, that’s something we are trying to reduce.

It’s a hard label to live up to. Once you tag yourself as the zero waste girl or guy or undefined, everything you do is an contradiction.

But in this world we by labels. And to live by labels, we need to live by extremes. Each fail because neither can live up to the label. Extremes requires perfection, black and white, and people are often imperfect and so we give up.

And then there are the people who do not like absoluteness and most people do not like absoluteness and so another side is spawned. The do-nothing side. Or the I-don’t-take-side side. The majority.

Sit back and relax, be still by the perfection. We have created this perfect label for imperfect people.

Zero waste means ZERO waste. YOU are the creator of waste. Every step is a waste. Every meal is a waste. Every breath is a waste. Oh.

It isn’t about perfection. Zero waste is about reducing waste. But that isn’t as catchy, it isn’t something to live up to.

Ditch the label.
And strive for what you can do. Strive with what resources you have.
So use less.
And you’ll produce less waste.
It’s simple.
But not easy.

One thought on “Ramblings…the Zero Waste label

  1. Great points! I really like that you emphasised that zero waste is more about reducing waste rather than absolutely no waste (which, like you pointed out is impossible while we’re still breathing!).

    When I first began my journey into reducing waste in my own life, I found the whole ‘zero waste’ label a bit intimidating. But I’ve learnt that the most important thing is to do our best to take steps in the right direction 🙂


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