Review: Ethical Underwear Series (Mighty Good Undies)

Wow, is this becoming a weekly thing again? Don’t you worry, I’ll probably fall off the bandwagon and in no time be super slack with my blogging!

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That being said, I know, I still have to do follow up reviews for the ones I reviewed last year. And honestly, I feel it’s better than the one month follow up – as it has been FOUR months now! This wasn’t done intentionally, but it will mean you’ll definitely get to see how the underwear holds up. After all, you may be paying a premium for the ethics, but quality is also a huge factor when it comes to “investing” some money in fancy pants underwear.

This week, I’ll be reviewing Mighty Good Undies!

Might Good Undies is an Australian brand – while, it isn’t made locally, they do focus on ethical and sustainable underwear.

But let’s get down to business. How did these undies hold up after four months?

First of all, each individual pair of undies comes in a lovely cloth bag. I’ve been reusing them for produce and also bulk food stores, so they’ve certainly come in handy.

In terms of quality, Might Good is right up there. You can see in the photos above that the stitching is holding up really nice after 4 months.

One thing to consider is the sizing. It is super small. So, I would suggest going a size up or even two sizes up. I got a size Australian 10 (and I’m normally a size 6-8) in undies, but they were still a little tight on me.

Now down to the tests!

The first try test: The first thing I noticed was that they were tight, as mentioned above they do run a little (or very) small. However, the quality is really good (and months later, the quality is still really good).

The jeans test: Wearing tight jeans are fine. I did see the “line” underneath my jeans, mostly because they were a little tight. Bright side the underwear didn’t feel uncomfortable or bunched up.

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The dress test: you can see a big line in the dress. It grabs at the butt cheeks more, which to be honest makes it great for a “workout” underwear and it kinda supports you, and won’t ride up your bum. I did try out the g-string for this, and honestly, this one is really hard to review, mostly because the g-string was a little too small for me, so they were super uncomfortable. The hip hugger and granny pants would be my choice in underwear

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The strap/support test: No test here! As I didn’t get to try out the bra/sports bras

The sitting down all day test: The hip hugger was pretty comfortable to sit down all day in, but again, the g-string wasn’t comfortable as I went a size too small. The granny pants were comfortable as first, however, they were running on the smaller side for me so after a day of eating I really felt the band dig into my stomach. Again, it’s important to note that the sizing does run small, so it’s difficult to review properly in terms of comfort. The hip hugger did fit great though!

The itchy breasts test: n/a

The one month test: As I said, there will be no follow up review for this one! I’ve been wearing these for the last few months, and the quality has held up.

Review: 3.5 out 5 stars (If you’re looking to support an Australian brand, this may be the underwear for you. The quality is really great. I took some points away as sizing does run small, very small. So, if you’re keen on purchasing these, go a size up or two. I also took some points away, as the printed on label at the back – became itchy at my back when the label started to crack. Not pictured, but I tried to scratch off the label, which helped a lot. It seems like all negatives! But it truly isn’t, the review is a little skewed due to sizing. But the quality is really good, worth your money if you’re looking for quality and ethics)


You can purchase Might Good Undies HERE.

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