The KonMari Method with Noissue (Compostable Mailers)

I’m in the process of raiding my closet and decluttering items I feel like I no longer need. Most items I’m trying to trade and sell, some items will be donated – so far no items will be trashed. (Fingers crossed, I’m not trashing anything!)

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time, but I sat it on mostly because the whole Marie Kondo craze was sweeping the Western world, and op shops, thrift stores and charity shops were inundated with stuff. And because they were no longer accepting donations, people’s items were unfortunately “trashed” instead.

And I get it, sometimes, it’s just easier to throw things away then make actual effort to trade or sell your stuff. In the past, I’ve this exact same thing because frankly I was lazy.

So, when Noissue came to me, asking to collaborate, I kinda jumped at the idea. Their mailers are at home compostable! It takes about 6 months to break down and it’s recommended you cut them up into pieces first. What’s great is you can compost this mailer at home and it doesn’t require some large industrial or commercial machine.

But why am I making a big deal about compostable mailers? And how does this relate to the KonMari Method? Is it because they’re paying me? Well, they are paying me, but please know, I only agree to collaborate with companies and products I truly believe in. The reason I’m making a big deal about these compostable mailers, is that they are actually HOME COMPOSTABLE!!!

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A lot of compostable mailers I’ve encountered in the past have required the mailers to be commercially composted. Plus, Noissue is just straight across the Tasman, our sis and bro and blood relations – New Zealand. I know, it’s New Zealand, technically a different country – but to me they’re kinda local. After all, Russell Crowe is a kiwi and yet we’ve stolen him and claimed him as our own (for now…) So, I’m going to do the same thing with Noissue.

Let me give you a little background about the company. For orders placed by first time customer they will plant a tree for them in an area of their choosing! I think this is pretty neat myself, and if you think the whole planting tree thing for a sale is greenwashing, take a look at this:

This image is from a couple who planted 2 million trees over twenty years. A small but constant change can make a big difference in the end.

Before Noissue was created, the founders were actually working at their first startup (that they also founded) making custom eyewear from recycled waste horn coming out of China. From that they realised they needed packaging and couldn’t find a solution that fit what they needed—so like the entrepreneurs they are, they decided to start the company that could solve their problems.

There is a trend towards “eco” marketing – so what makes this different from greenwashing? Here’s what they had to say:

I think our focus on education and transparency is what differentiates us from companies that might be considered to be greenwashing. We’re constantly working on improving our products, educating ourselves about what the next steps in packaging could be, and learning as much as we can. But more importantly, our goal is to educate consumers and businesses alike on what we’re producing, how it can be used, and how it is or isn’t a viable alternative for their other packaging products. We just published our first Sustainability in Packaging study and plan to release one again next year and the year after looking into how the packaging ecosystem can improve. We also encourage our customers or anyone else to ask us any questions they have about our products, what they’re made of and how they can be disposed of — at the end of the day, transparency is probably the best answer to how we look to avoid greenwashing.

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How is this related to the KonMari Method? It only took until the end to explain the title, but ultimately, if you’re going to KonMari your life, don’t trash it! Trade it. Sell it. And you can use compostable mailers if a cardboard box or paper won’t do.

While, the majority of customers from Noissue are small and local businesses (hey! if you’re an independent business looking to trade from plastic mailers check Noissue out!), you can also order them for yourself. The minimum you can order for compostable mailers is 100, meaning you can order a whole bunch and spilt them among your friends. You can KonMari your life and consciously sell your items without worrying about the plastic packaging.

*This blog post was sponsored.

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