Review: Biome Skincare Range (Day 1)

As someone who’s never really had great skin, I tend to do research a lot about what works and what doesn’t. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, and the only way to prove what works best for your own skin is trial and error.

Over the last couple of years, my skin has improved significantly – mostly through diet, natural skin products and wearing less makeup. I often goes months without wearing any and my skin is often kinder because of it.

After 5 weeks of travelling and lots of delicious fried food, my skin is a little worse for wear. My psoriasis is not so good. I have it on my arms, neck, forehead, scalp and also my hips. I should state my psoriasis isn’t the worst you’ve seen, it’s definitely on the gentler side of things, but it’s still frustrating and uncomfortable.

So, I’m keen to give Biome’s skincare range a good go. It’s all natural and looks super fancy.

The bottles are also glass, meaning they’re recyclable! Bonus! They also sell some of their products in bulk, so if it works I’ll be refilling the bottles. However, I’m not 100% if the spray bottle is recyclable (but it’s cute, so I’ll probably repurpose it).

Anywhoooooooo…….over the next two weeks I’ll be trialling their new skincare range. And will be posting an update every 4 days.

Day One:

Sorry not the clearest of photos! It’s a little dark and not so clear – so actually makes my skin look a little better than what it is. So I written some captions on some photos.

  1. Discolouration and blemishes on my cheek and also psoriasis on my neck.

2. Discolouration/scars from old acne

3. The redness didn’t really show up in this photo (of my forehead). But it has small spots of psoriasis, heaps of dry spots and some blemishes.

That’s Day One of my skin for you. Stay tuned, I’ll do another post in 4 days


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