Review: Natural Toothpaste Series – Urthly Organics

This week’s review for natural toothpaste comes in a glass jar! Unlike the Dr Bronner’s one, this one isn’t for everyday use. It contains activated charcoal which is known to whiten teeth. Because of this, I didn’t actually want to do the review over a week, but instead two weeks. To give it a chance to see if it actually works.

Is charcoal safe?

Activated charcoal is safe to ingest, however the abrasiveness of the mineral can damage the enamel of your teeth if it’s scrubbed against them. Be very careful to only lightly graze teeth when applying the activated charcoal


Like using baking soda it’s important to not scrub too hard on your teeth. Be gentle! I also use a “soft” brush, and after years of using “medium” to “hard” I’ve realised that I’ve been a little rough with my gums and teeth!

Here’s a pic of the jar.


Now, down to the tests!

Cleanliness test: I have to say it’s cleans really well. Even with the charcoal. It doesn’t leave your gums black or grey.

Foam test: It does foam up a little which I was a little shocked about!

How it looks when it brushes test: I figure the only way to explain how it brushes/looks like when brushing is to actually record it. So here you go! Also, you’ll see how it foams up a little


Taste test: I was not a fan of the taste at all. I thought that perhaps I could get used to it, and while it did taste “less bad” over the two weeks, it wasn’t something I got used to.

Fresh breath test & morning breath test: As this isn’t your standard everyday toothpaste – it doesn’t do a great job at making your breath “fresh”. To be honest, I’m not really sure if these tests apply. So technically an “N/A”

Overall: Ultimately, if you’re looking for a natural and low waste alternative to whitening your teeth this is probably the way to go. It won’t whiten your teeth overnight. But you’re also not putting harsh whitening chemicals on your teeth and gums. After the two weeks, my teeth did seem a little brighter, although being a natural alternative I would prefer to use this over a month and see how it goes. Mostly, to determine if there is a significant difference in my pearly whites!

Right now, I would give it a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5. The taste isn’t the best so I deducted points for that! But points for being low waste and an natural alternative to whitening teeth! (Stay tuned I’m going to update this at the end of the month, and will let you know if there’s a significant difference in brightness from the charcoal toothpaste – so the rating may change)

If you’re keen the toothpaste is available here!

I was also using the Dr Bronner’s toothpaste injunction with the charcoal toothpaste

Image result for rough teeth memes

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